Monday, September 7, 2015

Relaxer Day

Thanks to a really great set of products (second review coming soon) I had one of the smoothest relaxer stretches since transitioning back to relaxed hair. My stretch was so smooth I hardly realized how long it had been since my last relaxer (May 23rd) and by the time I noticed I was in need of a touch up the only opening in my stylist's schedule was a late Friday evening. 

My usual appointment is Saturday at 3 pm and because I did not have Saturday morning to prepare I completely forgot to prep my scalp and lengths. I had also been scratching ( I have a section that itches terribly once I pass the 10 week mark in my stretch), but fortunately the first thing my stylist did was base my scalp with a professional scalp protectant.

After separating my strands into four quadrants she proceeded to apply Affirm Fiberguard Relaxer in Mild, smoothed minimally and only allowed the relaxer to sit for about 3 minutes to retain a bit of texture. She then rinsed my relaxer for about 5 minutes using warm water before shampooing with a moisturizing, neutralizing, PH-balanced shampoo. One of the things I love about my stylist is the fact that she is not afraid to try new products and she has a great sense of what I like even without my having to say anything. My last relaxer she used a Affirm shampoo and protein based conditioner and although I did not mention this to her I really did not like the way my hair felt afterwards - it had that typical plastic feel that I usually experience after a box relaxer. 

This time she used a product line called BASIC to shampoo and condition my strands after rinsing out the relaxer. I admit she did not do a mid-step protein treatment but she did use a great protein-moisture balanced conditioner that left my hair both soft and strong. Unfortunately I did have some tingling on my scalp in the area where I had scratched, but there was no scabbing or scarring.

Moving forward I will be taking extra precautions to protect the sensitive area and I will also be experimenting with a few items to see if I can but an end to the extreme itchiness.

How was your last relaxer?

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