Monday, July 13, 2015

I Big Chopped

Some times you have to start over. At least that's what I told myself six weeks ago sitting in my stylist's chair trying to mentally prepare myself for this cut. My hair had been growing just fine and despite the slight breakage I received from the Spring Wet Bun Challenge I was still well on my way to waist-length strands, but I wasn't satisfied with the overall health of my tresses.

Maybe it was the 3 months of bunning or the addition of the color, but I was just dissatisfied with my hair. I felt it looked dull and lifeless and needed an infusion of style. I also hated the amount of split-ends I was seeing (even after trims) and the lack of uniformity in texture from root to tip of my strands was driving me nuts. 

With this new cut I am taking it back to the basics and keeping things simple. Because of my length and texture I will be using hot tools rather than roller setting or twist outs, but I am confident that I can retain length and see the level of health I want using minimal heat once per week.

Maybe I am a perfectionist & the level of hair perfection I seek is unattainable but I felt I needed a fresh start in order to have the healthy hair I envision.

How has your hair changed this year?

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