Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Heat Usage: Preparation & Follow-Up

Flat irons (and hot tools in general) are portrayed as the arch-enemy of any girl on a healthy hair journey working her way to longer lengths. If you want your hair to grow you are reprimanded to step away from the heat styling tools and opt for less damaging styling methods such as roller sets and braid outs. While I agree that my hair has reached longer lengths since I cut back on the heat styling, I believe hair can still thrive when heat is used (in moderation) and with the proper preparation and follow up.
Last week I straightened my hair for the first time in 4 months and I realized I treated my hair with certain types of products before and after heat styling which helped protect my hair during the styling process and restore it's health after the process.
  • Use a shampoo containing Keratin for strength and enhanced smoothness
  • Deep condition using a protein based conditioner & follow with a moisturizing conditioner
  • Use a leave-in treatment that doubles as a heat protectant.
Follow Up
  • Use a moisturizing-sulfate free shampoo to replenish moisture
  • Treat hair with a quick protein-based conditioner, then follow with a moisture-based deep treatment.
  • Use leave-ins that replenish moisture & skip the styling aids (gels and mousse)
As always when using a heat styling tool set the temperature to the lowest setting your hair can take while still giving you the desired sleekness.

We work hard to attain our hair goals and as with any journey it is important to stop and enjoy our progress. Treat yourself to that straight style you have been longing to rock and still maintain the health of your strands with the proper preparation and follow up.


Have you heat styled recently?

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