Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wash Day, October 30, 2014

This wash day I decided to turn up the heat and break out my hot tools for a sleek look. I have not flat ironed my hair since August so I was super excited to see my progress towards my Fall length goal. This wash was also the final wash of my 30 Day Moisture/Protein Challenge and what better way to truly test my results than by using a little heat?
  1. I prepped my hair the night before adding a liberal amount of Hot Six Oil to my strands from root to tip. I noticed that whenever I sleep with a processing cap I wake up with a headache, so I simply bunned my hair and covered it with my satin scarf for bed.
  2. In the morning I sectioned my hair into my usual three sections and did a light finger detangle by gently running my fingers through my strands. After each section was detangled I secured it with a claw clip before heading to the sink to shampoo. Working one section at a time I saturated my hair with water before applying a nickel-sized amount of L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo to my scalp and working the product through my strands. This shampoo worked easily through my strands and did not cling to my hair or scalp; I also noticed I could easily run my fingers through my hair with this shampoo. After rinsing my hair felt soft and moisturized.
  3. Once each section was shampooed I gently wrung the excess water from my hair before blotting it dry with a cotton t-shirt and applying a generous amount of Kera Minerals Smoothing Deep Conditioner to each section. With this conditioner I like to apply it not only to the very ends of my hair but up the length of my hair shaft as well. The protein and other ingredients in this conditioner tend to have a smoothing effect (hence the name) that is perfect for hair being heat styled. Once each section was covered with conditioner I sat beneath my hooded dryer for 15 minutes wearing a processing cap.
  4. After allowing the conditioner to cool for about 7 minutes I rinsed each section thoroughly with luke-warm/almost cold water before applying a quarter sized amount of GVP Conditioning Balm (Matrix Biolage dupe), focusing first on the ends of my strands then applying a bit more product up the length. I sat around for about 10 minutes beneath my processing cap before rinsing the conditioner with cool water to seal the cuticles.
  5. When heat styling I tend to use fewer leave-in products to ensure that my hair remains light and bouncy; once my hair was blotted dry with my cotton t-shirt I applied a nickel-sized amount of Kera Minerals Smoothing Leave-In Conditioner from ends to root. I love this product because it is a dual purpose product: it moisturizes and strengthens my strands while providing heat protection; again allowing me to use minimal product.
    1. I then proceeded to blow dry my hair on warm using the Dominican blow out technique. Once each section was dry I sealed the style and my cuticles with a blast of cold air.
    2. Setting my ionic ceramic flat iron to 410 degrees I flat ironed tiny 1/2" sections using only one pass per section. I normally would not flat iron on such high temperatures but I wanted my hair as sleek as possible and since my hair is so thick my usual 360 degree temperatures wouldn't cut it.
    3. Once the look was complete I applied about five drops of Proclaim Glossing Polish throughout my hair for added shine and nourishment after the straightening process.
Results: After blow drying I did a very light dusting of my ends, just to maintain the thickness all the way through, and once the flat iron process was complete I felt like my hair was in the same place it was in August. For some reason my hair rarely looks like it has grown to me, so I asked my Mom who confirmed that my hair was "much longer" than it was in August. My hair feels soft but I can also tell that it is extremely strong; I lost very little hair to shedding and breakage and my flat iron results are amazingly smooth and sleek.

Helpful tip: Instead of deep conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner when prepping for a flat ironing/heat session deep condition using a protein conditioner, then follow with a moisturizing conditioner. The emphases on protein when heat styling will strengthen your locks allowing them to better withstand high temperatures, while the follow up moisturizing conditioner will ensure your hair stays adequately moisturized throughout the process.  

How was your wash day?

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