Monday, July 14, 2014

Wash Day July 12, 2014

  1. Pre-Poo Treatment: I pre-poo'd for nearly 48 hours using Ion Pre Shampoo Oil Treatment. I went to work Friday with the oil in my hair, slept in it all Friday night and did not wash my hair until Saturday afternoon.
  2. Shampoo: Shampooed in the shower using Kera Minerals Sulfate Free Shampoo from the Smoothing System Line. I section my hair down the middle and wash one side at a time making sure to rinse thoroughly. I found this method prevents the shampoo from clinging to my hair and helps keep my hair detangled during the wash process.
  3. Deep Condition: I applied Kera Minerals Smoothing Deep Conditioner in four sections concentrating on my ends first, then smoothing the product on my new growth the way I would a relaxer - this seems to soften my new growth and straighten it out a bit. I let the conditioner sit for 30 minutes under a shower cap while I cleaned up, then sat beneath a warm dryer for 15 more minutes. After coming from the dryer I rinsed the conditioner first with warm water to make sure the product was completely out of my hair, then again with cold water to seal my cuticles.
  4. Leave-Ins: On t-shirt dried hair I applied a quarter sized amount of Kera Minerals Leave-In Conditioner throughout my hair then combed through in sections using a wide-toothed comb.
  5. Blow-Dry: After sectioning my hair into four workable sections I applied another dime sized amount of the same leave-in and proceeded to blow dry my hair on warm & high heat. I used the tension method until my hair was about 60% dry, then followed up with a boar-bristle round brush using the Dominican Round Brush technique to ensure maximum straightness. I finished off each section with on cool air to seal the cuticles and set the look.
  6. Flat Iron: I usually flat iron at 360 degrees, but per the product instructions to seal in the Keratin a 450 degree iron should be used. I used tiny 1/8" sections and made only one pass down the length of my hair, and two passes at my roots. 
  7. Styling: I pulled my hair into a ponytail for the rest of the day/night.

I took a few pictures but the images came out so poorly I am reluctant to post them. But I can say my hair came out wonderful - full of body, shine, and movement and it was also extremely soft. I will retake some pictures tonight and re-post tomorrow.

How was your wash day?

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