Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mid Week Update - Kera Minerals Smoothing System

Last Saturday I tried all three products from the Kera Minerals Smoothing System line. These products are specifically formulated to prolong the Kera Minerals Smoothing System Treatment which is basically a smoothing treatment for at-home use that does not contain formaldehyde and uses Keratin and Silk Amino Acids to coat the hair. I have yet to try the actual smoothing system, but plan to do so in place of my relaxer touch up on the 31st.

Just to briefly summarize what I did, I washed my hair with the sulfate free shampoo, conditioned with the deep conditioner, applied the leave in and blow dried and flat ironed my hair on 450 degrees.*

*For full details see my Wash Day July 12, 2014 Post.

It has been four days since I washed, I opted to forgo my mid-week wash due to my GHE/Inversion method experiment, and there are a few things I have noticed with my hair this week:

  1. My hair is still BONE straight - not only are my relaxed ends super silky, but my new growth is still very straight. It has frizzed a little due to the weather and as a result of moisture from the GHE, but there is a huge difference in how straight it is after using the Kera Minerals products vs. when I use other products.
  2. My hair is STILL moisturized - granted this may be an affect of the GHE, four days after my wash day my hair has maintained pretty good moisture levels. I have not applied any additional moisturizing products to my hair - my version of the GHE is simply oiling the scalp and covering with a plastic cap, so my hair shaft has been untouched.
  3. No Breakage or Shedding - when I air dry and roller set my hair I usually get tons of breakage and shedding, which I attribute to the lack of structure and closing of the cuticle heat styling offers. Since I used heat on this last wash day I have had literally 4 shed hairs and 4 broken strands on my sink so that is an average of 1 strand per day of a broken and shed hair.

1 Shed Hair + 1 Broken Hair = Success

Seeing the results of these products has me very excited to try the actual smoothing system. My hope is that this will allow me to stretch my relaxers from every 16 weeks to every 6 months with smoothing treatments at 3 month intervals.

How is your hair holding up since your wash day?

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